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May 16, 1974, PT PANN (Persero) was established based on Government Regulation No. 18 of 1974 concerning State Equity Participation for the Establishment of the Company in the field of National Commercial Fleet Development.

The establishment of PT PANN (Persero) also became the mandate of the Five-Year Development Plan or Repelita II. The Repelita II document states that the government establishes an agency that is responsible for financing and developing the national commercial fleet.

PT PANN (Persero) established its strategy by forming cross sectoral holding and spin off strategic business sectors namely ship financing, shipping, shipyard, shipping management, ship insurance brokers so that PANN (Persero) was established as a holding company.

On August 8, 2012, PT PANN (Persero) established a subsidiary of PT PANN Maritime Financing, which was then conducted a spin off on February 19, 2013. Thus, the company's core business activities were transferred to subsidiaries, while PT PANN (Persero) was determined as a holding company.